Happy Hallow-EVE!

by Sarah on October 30, 2010 · 1 comment

Not too be confused with All Hallows Eve, which is Halloween, despite the fact that when it is Christmas Eve, the next day is Christmas. But to call tonight All Hallows Eve would be wrong. So guess just Hallow-Eve it is.

Clearly I have been thinking too much about this.

Regardless, my wings and my wand are ready…

[I always have to have a prop on Halloween. :)]

I have prettified the preferred drinking vessel….
…and it is all ready for some sweetly sparkling “Pixie Potion”!
Should be a fun night ahead. Hope you, too, are making mischief* on this Mischief Night…;)

*Only if you are of legal drinking age. Otherwise, your “mischief” should only be the result of excessive sugar intake from chocolate.


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