Bullet Points

by Sarah on October 24, 2010 · 6 comments

What I Did This Weekend:
A Bulleted List
In Whatever Order I Feel Like*

*It’s my blog. I do what I want.

  • Made the best “Mac” [slash] Penne & Cheese EVER. [All shall be revealed in time…don’t worry.]
  • Went mini-wine-tasting [as in, it was quick…they weren’t actually miniature wines] with Teddy at East End Wines, which is a fabulous old house, refurbished as a place to enjoy and purchase grape-originating goodness.
  • Was guided into East End Wines by sidewalk chalk.
  • Was not towed.
  • Met Laura & Kat [The Foodies Not Fatties] as they took a lunch break on their culinary tour of Texas at Mr. Natural…where I ate the delish [Both the company…AND the description! Ha!] cupcakes they brought for lunch instead of ordering food.
  • Discovered that someone at delish really screwed up the red velvet cupcake that day, as it was neither red, nor particularly velvety. [Luckily the Mexican Vanilla Cupcake’s icing was probably the best vanilla icing of MY LIFE so I got over the lack of Red Velvet goodness in my belly.]
  • Watched Zac Efron in Me & Orson Wells. Swooned.
  • Blew up a pumpkin in my oven.
  • Bought an excessive amount of new yogurts. This isn’t even all of ’em. Not even close.
  • Wore shorts and flip-flops on October 24th. One week before Halloween. Shorts! Flip-flops! I love Austin!
  • Tried to finish My Fair Lazy [by Jen Lancaster] once I received an e-notice that it is due back to the ‘brary on Tuesday. Failed. (Still trying.)
  • Threw a Pumpkin Dinner! Featuring pumpkins both real (in lasagna, hummus, and bacon-wrapped dates) and fake (holding one of the best desserts I’ve ever made)……”painted” on Jen’s gluten-free cupcakes……and made of cheese. [Do not worry…you’ll be hearing about this pumpkin extravaganza all week.]
  • Drank a lot of coffee. I call it the Pember Blend: 1/2 English Toffee beans + 1/2 Vanilla Latte beans.
  • Took advantage of the “Gluten-Free Jubilee” at Sprouts to buy some treasures I would have purchased whether or not they were “gluten-free”….but now they were cheap. [Or at least cheapER.] P.S.–Check out Brittany‘s post on the gluten-free phenomena/fad/whateveryawanttocallit. Interesting discussion there.
  • Did laundry.
  • Washed a lot of dishes. [Remember, I threw a party.]
  • Mopped the floor in the kitchen! [Gasp!]
  • Stopped listening to Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers long enough to listen to Jeremy Fisher‘s Goodbye Blue Monday. Still one of my favorite CDs (Albums? Can I say album?), and instantly transports me into the mindset of fall. Perhaps because it was all I listened to during the months of September, October, and November two years ago?
  • Discovered that Jeremy Fisher has a new digital CD coming out this week. Was excited.
  • Ran on the treadmill and not just ellipiticalized! [Gasp again!]
  • Lesson planned.
  • Uploaded a lot of pictures on the blog in preparation for some pre-fab(ricated) and uber-pumpkiny posts headed your way this week.
  • Took a break from watching I Am Love to blog. Took a break from a movie? Yes. I have a relatively newly developed short attention span. The movie has subtitles. [And we should probably call it a film since it has subtitles.] I’ll get back to it. And that book I said need to finish. Right away.
  • Hoped to go to bed at a “normal” hour [10:30 PM, thankyouverymuch] to be ready for what looks like a CRAZY week ahead. :)
  • Had difficulty ending this post because no bullet point seemed to be a sufficient closing. Even the one above. Which should have functioned in that manner but still seemed lacking.
  • Shrugged. Decided I needed a snack. Pushed “Publish Post.”

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