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I often find myself in a state of bewilderment at my own actions, as though there is someone following me around just saying, “WTF*, Sarah.”

*WTF [expression}: “What.The.Fun”; often said in either confusion or with a devil-may-care, who’s it gonna hurt, attitude

Not in an angry, frustrated way, but more in a confused-by-my-life, Tamesha from Top Chef encountering blue crabs,** kind of way.

**it was best moment of the season [“I was like, ‘W…..T…..F….”]

Case in point: I had prepared four delicious, different varieties of overnight oats for breakfast to nearly complete the week….
….but woke up this morning deciding that I needed to COOK!

OK, not so much cook as stir things together at random in a bug [bowl (slash) mug], but still. It was crazy. Despite all my efforts at time-saving and preparation, I chose this morning as the time to try insta-oats (!)—otherwise known as overnight oats without the sleepover.

I put twice as much yogurt as usual in the bug…[Sorry for the photos…I rise before dawn!]
…and then I thought, “WTF! Let’s add some maple flavor!”
On top of the now maple-flavored yogurt, I added less oats than usual (only 1/4 cup)….
…and stirred that mess around.
Added 1/3 of a GIANT banana (equal to about 1/2 of a normal one), and then my camera said “WTF are you doing, remaking breakfast when you already have some ready?” and chose to tamper with the evidence.
Then I remembered I had some Trader Joe’s Candied Ginger that Liz had mailed me many moons ago, and I thought, “WTF? Let’s do it!”
While I was at it….why not add cinnamon?
Then I remembered this:
If you are gonna dip your toes in crazy, well….you might as well just dive right in, no?
Then I pulled out the last of my All-Bran Bran Buds….
….delicious crumblies that are actually more like crushies.
[I actually saved most of them to be put on at school…but I thought I should give you an indication of what it would look like ;)]

So did the insta-oats work out? They did! Deliciousness….sometimes saying WTF makes sense.

I did stick with my planned lunch, having made two of the exact same salad on Sunday…
…the only difference from yesterday‘s being that this one had Penzey’s Bavarian Seasoning and the other had Northwoods. :)
And then I had to stay until 7:30 in the evening at school for a meeting, because I had “taken one for the team.” So by the time I got home, in my “WTF!” attitude, I decided to try another culinary experiment.

Having been successful with savory oats last night, I began to wonder….what might happen if I combined what I said on my Project Food Blog* profile were my three staple foods: oatmeal, yogurt, and hummus? We could call it Yoatmus!

*Have you voted for me yet? Click here. :)

W.T.FUN, Sarah….get ‘er done!
oats + water + heat
+ a scoop of sun-dried tomato chipotle hummus + plain yogurt
+ quickly sauteed zucchini and summer squash

…and then, WTF, a Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Gardenburger!
It looked sort of gross….
…but yoatmus is actually quite good!
And for dessert, well, WTFun, let’s just eat some orange sorbet and Nutella!

CHOCTASTIC amazingness is what that was.

P.S. Another thing that bewildered me, in a hilarious, awesome way, was how affecting my mention of The Boxcar Children yesterday was. It made me reminisce about all of my favorite series as a child, but none could ever surpass this:
Oh, yes, The Babysitters’ Club. I wanted to be a fashion designer for a brief period of time because of Claudia’s creative outfits…and I constantly thought I was going to discover I had diabetes any time I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night due to Stacy’s own experience. And who didn’t want Logan in her life?

I should go see if they have these in the school library. WTF(un)…I just might!


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