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by Sarah on September 29, 2010 · 6 comments

The second, and sadly last, stop on my Austin Restaurant Week culinary tour took me into the heart of South Austin, where among the kooky, kitschy (and therefore amazing) cafes, coffee shops, and Mexican restaurants, fabulous food trucks, and interesting architecture, I stumbled upon….

a peacock.
And that is what I ate for dinner.

Thus ended Austin Restaurant Week, and my post for this evening.

Just kidding. :)

Although of course I ran into a peacock, right? This is Austin. And this is my life.

So where did I run into the living, breathing (and not afraid of me in the slightest) NBC logo? That would be Green Pastures, a, well, green enclave of Victorian-esque beauty tucked into the middle of a cute neighborhood south of the river.

The Victorian home and Texas historical landmark is now the site of weddings, corporate events, and delicious meals.

Gotta love a nearly naked baby fountain….…AND a grand entrance.

The menu pretty much made me want to salivate. I don’t care if that sounds disgusting. It’s the truth.
As Patrick so astutely stated, “We just need to decide what we want two of on the table.”

(Please note that they have a sense of humor over there at Green Pastures. Free Range Humanely Raised Vegetables? Hydroponic Fish? Hi-lar-i-ous.)

After a decision made via raised eyelids and nonchalant shoulder shrugs, we chose to go ahead and splurge on some wine for the table.And then it was time to dine.

First Course(s)*

*And yes, we shared everything. There was a specific passing system in place. All that was missing was a stopwatch and alarm to signal the trades.

Sake Bombed Lobster Tail
kirin tempura-battered lobster tail over black pepper ginger sake butter and sesame scallions
Oh. my. goll. I don’t even know what else to say.

City View Brunch
poached egg with grilled artichoke, roasted onion, and tomato chutney (with capers!!!!!!)
avocado soup with goat cheesebrie and caramelized mushroom rosemary-garlic stromboli with fig-balsamic sauce

South Texas Trio
bacon-wrapped jalapeno-stuffed texas quail, ancho-garlic goat cheese chicken sausage with poblano sauce and navajo bread (tasted like cornbread) and this beast:valencia orange and bay pork en croute

(Has anyone else noticed that I’ve developed my own “pork belly” food group since moving to Austin?)


Texas “Hydroponic” Redfish
coriander spiced redfish on coconut-jasmine rice, with curried cashews and lime-pepper butter….oh, and the most delicious steamed crab cake—all killer, no filler.

Saloon Style Steak

brown sugar and black pepper cured steak (oh the peppery goodness!!!) on roasted sweet potatoes with a cabbage confit

(We had two on the table…Patrick’s was shaped like a heart! I, of course, was the only one who noticed and/or cared.)

And then, the piece de resistance (at least in terms of presentation, which I was promised by our lovely waiter, Scott, would be amazing, and the reason I ordered it):

Free Range Humanely Raised Vegetables
(Yep, still amusing.)
truffled yukon torta with chipotle asparagusspinach flan with cured tomato and spiced red wine sauce
crispy mushroom spring rolls with miso-garlic dip
butternut squash and arugula crepe with pecans, maple syrup, and creme fraiche

Mmmmm….so good. I was glad that the vegetables ended up in front of me. Although the crab cake was heavenly, I think for a commitment-phobic foodie like myself, the variety plate was just what I needed.

It kept me very busy, though. In fact, I spent so long savoring the initial bites that it took me almost the whole meal to tell a story that should have taken 10 minutes. (Not that that should surprise you from my inability to ever utilize brevity in a blog post.) And I don’t care what my dinner companions say…I DID almost die of hypothermia in Austin. In March.

Oh, I can’t forget about….

bread pudding with white chocolate, pecans, cinnamon, and nutmeg…served over jack daniels sauce
[Oh y’all…this was the only thing I ordered without any question or waffling, and I was so smart in that decision. It was surprisingly light, and the sauce was perfectly spiked. ;)]
texas pecan ball (with the most delicious chocolate sauce!)
cheesecake with raspberry and blackberry sauce (yummy)

So I might not have eaten that peacock….but I think I ended up doing OK, don’t you think?

Besides…you’d hate me if I ate peacock, wouldn’t you?

PS. Thank you to our waiter, Scott, if you are reading this! (And I hope you are.) The picture of us didn’t come out, but just imagine us here:

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Maria @ Oh Healthy Day September 29, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Did you just say cinnamon, nutmeg and white chocolate in the same sentence? Because I thought I dreamt that up.


Cara September 29, 2010 at 10:36 pm

mmm you reminded me of a fabulous meal. glad you enjoyed it!


Tina September 30, 2010 at 11:40 am

Oh my goodness! That all looks amazing. How awesome you got to share and try a bit of everything. I love dining that way.


roastedrootsandpumpkinspice September 30, 2010 at 12:11 pm

What a beautiful restaurant! I feel like anything would taste amazing in a setting like this. :)


Erin* September 30, 2010 at 3:42 pm

I've decided to move home to Austin based solely on your dining experience! 😉


Your Friends at Out to Lunch September 30, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Smart Kichen Blogger

Dig your site and appreciate the hummus love you're throwing our way. Hope to see you around town.

Your Friends at Out to Lunch


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