Perfectly Peculiar Pairings

by Sarah on September 7, 2010 · 5 comments

You know I love pickles….(remember when I had a to-go cup of them from Salt Lick?)
And despite the photo below, you know I love pineapple!But did you know that I also love pickles PLUS pineapple?
Yeah, neither did I. Well, until the Labor Day BBQ I attended last night, during which I played one of my favorite gastronomic games: “What happens if I put both of these random foods into one bite?” [Sadly, there is no photographic evidence of this game.]

Who knew? Pickles and pineapple….(Perhaps on a pizza?)

In honor of that peculiar pairing, I would like to take a minute to share some of the perfect pairings and crazy combinations that punctuated my day.

English Caramel + Vanilla Latte Coffee Beans = Best Bulk Bin Blend
Bananas + Pecans + Maple = Overnight Oat Amazingness
Baby Spinach + Spring Mix + Arugula
+ Orange Mustard Glazed Chicken + Fresh Corn + Okra + Carrots + Red Bell Peppers
= Leftovers-Inspired Lunchable

Mango + Honey (?) = Must Try
Nothing special, sadly….but….

Yogurt + Granola = Granogurt!
And granogurt is always a good time.

Peanuts + Almonds + Cashews + Sunflower Seeds + A Chopstick (!?) =
What I Want To Eat Always*
*Not the actual chopstick of course. Unless it was made of chocolate. Now there’s a thought…

One not-so-pleasant pairing?

Tropical Storm Hermine + My Green Pants

(The storm is just angry because it wanted to be named Hermi-O-ne.)

Month-of-Me Celebration #7

Five of My Favorite Pairings!
(I can’t say Top 5 because tomorrow I will probably have different thoughts on the topic.)

(Pepper) Mint (Ice Cream) + Chocolate (Fudge)
Pimiento Cheese + Wheat Thins
Peanut Butter + Bananas +Honey
Crystallized Ginger + Blueberries
Pretzels + M&Ms*

*Not Pretzel M&Ms, but one or two M&Ms + a mini pretzel popped into your mouth simultaneously. :)

What are some of your most creative combinations or favorite flavor pairings?

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