Peanut Butter for the Planet?

by Sarah on September 14, 2010 · 4 comments

Despite having made all of those delicious incarnations of ONOs [Yes, that would be my new acronym for overnight oats. It was time.] that I showed you on Sunday, I woke up Monday morning deciding instead to finish off the rest of my new favorite yogurt instead. (OK, not really new anymore since I’ve been talking about it for over a week, but whatever.)

Hello Mr. Goat. I love ewe.*

*Yes, I realize that ewe is the term for a female sheep, and that in referring to the goat as not only a mister, but a ewe, I have twice wronged him. However, the actual terms for a male goat are buck** or billy***, and female goats are known as does (in polite society) and nannies (among the proletariat).****
**Perhaps I could have said: The Buck Stops Here.
***Hence, The Three Billy Goats Gruff (aka Grumpy Old Men starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon as the bucks)
****Are you even following this anymore?

Luckily, I had packed up the fruit leftover from the ONO extravaganza….
….and mixed up some Kashi Go Lean, All-Bran Bran Buds, and Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Berry Yogurt Crunch.
I also packed the requisite very large spoon.
Unfortunately (well, actually it was neither fortunate nor unfortunate, just a simple twist of fate*) the goat’s milk yogurt was now more of a liquidy kefir.

*starring Steve Martin
I just poured all of the cereal into it anyway and mixed it up…like eating cold milk and cereal, but with really thick milk. Yummy!

Lunch was, as promised, a fresh and fantastic salad (big surprise), featuring a mix of these two…

(On sale! Splurge of the week!)

…and a plethora of the usual suspects*: raw squash and zucchini, carrots, red and green bell peppers, mushrooms….

*starring Kevin Spacey [I promise, this is totally happening without intention, cruel* or otherwise]
*starring Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe

I added cottage cheese-and-hummus, so it looked something like this (I didn’t actually take a picture at school, but you get the idea):
I also brought one of these new finds:
I had wanted to try these La Tortilla Factory wraps for awhile now, so when they were finally on sale at Sprouts, I went for it! Only 100 calories, 12 grams of fiber, lots of whole grains, and no more processed than a pita (from what I can tell), they were not only soft and flavorful to the point that they weren’t overpowering, could stand in for both sweet crepe imitations and savory sandwiches, but they also are HUGE!

I came home and took a picture to show you. :)

I think while eating it dipped in hummus the little commentating voice that sometimes follows me around said something to the effect of, “Sarah thought she might just eat one with every meal.”

I also ate some grapes and half a banana at some point during the day…blah blah blah boring.

So after an unexpectedly long newbie teacher meeting at school, my stomach was a-rumblin’ but I was hell bent on going to the gym (not surprising). Luckily, I had another discount deal to dig into:
Not only have I always loved the Kashi Roll!s, this was a flavor I had never tried (Fudge Sundae, what?), AND it was marked down to the price I am generally willing to pay for a bar of this type.
MarkedI say, “Best by date? Schmest by date!”
Covered in nuts and chewy as usual (often requiring extensive amounts of time to eat, which I actually like since I can normally plow through a protein bar in 2.5 seconds). I also have no idea how they did it, but it really did taste like ice cream. I’m not kidding. Sure, it lacked the cool creamy texture of ice cream, but the flavor was weirdly there.

Also, the 12g of protein and 6g of fiber mean I am still not ravenously hungry.

At the gym, I spent some time with the September issue of Cooking Light, in which I read the sentence “while nineties and naughties London served” and thought they were referring to geriatrics and ladies of the night, until I realized that naughties is apparently a new term for the 2000s. Did you know this?
Following this photograph, I noticed a new sign in my gym prohibiting photography in the facility. I’m pretty sure I am the cause of that sign.

I actually didn’t get all the way through the magazine because I find that at the end of the day when I work out I am so much less alert and able to focus on reading or even the television than when I work out in the morning. This is actually a good thing, because I am usually on the elliptical around the time the nightly news is on, and I somehow absorb at least a tiny bit of useful information, rather than the daytime TV nonsense I had grown used to (and yes, still miss).

One thing I learned this evening?Apparently PETA and Peanut Butter & Co. are teaming up to promote eating peanut butter as a “go green” vegan-friendly way to reduce our carbon footprints and save the planet. Brian Williams was smirking a bit when he talked about it, but I will gladly accept any excuse to eat nut butter. :)

Speaking of which, I have just a wee bit left of a hodge-podge mixture of homemade Nutty Butter, Naturally More, and Sunland Banana Peanut Butter to get to…

Hey, it’s for the planet.

Month-of-Me Celebration #13 and 14
[I missed one in my Wedding Crasher post.]

In honor of the random film associations in this post, I will tell you two movie-related Month-of-Me Random Factoids:
  • As you’ve seen, I sneak a lot of random food into the movie theater when I go. My mom and I once popped entire, full-sized bags of popcorn and somehow smuggled them in. I think my best moment was when I brought the makings for a CFY mess in three separate containers and combined the cereal, fruit, and yogurt while the previews played. Or when I pulled out a sandwich and rather obviously proceeded to uncrinkle and refold the packaging paper. It was pretty awesome. Not as awesome, thought, as when my friend Shannon brought in macaroni and cheese to the movies without even bother trying to hide the container.
  • My little sister watched The Santa Clause (starring Tim Allen) over and over and over and over and over when we were younger. Even when it wasn’t Christmas. I have refused to watch it ever since. [I watched the closing dance of Dirty Dancing on repeat. Even though it was not appropriately rated for me at the time. I was having the time of my life.]
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Maria @ Oh Healthy Day September 14, 2010 at 11:34 pm

I'm with your sister on this one. I can watch Christmas movies well into July and not be sick of them.

Did you know Dirty Dancing was filmed just 20 minutes outside of Blacksburg? I went there like a crazed fan and took a dozen photos.

P.S. I think I'm in for Food Buzz Festival in SF…will keep you posted.

Jillian @ Reshape Your Life September 15, 2010 at 9:53 am

I love those Soft Wraps! I like the tomato basil ones :)

Rebeccammendations September 15, 2010 at 1:00 pm

The "nauties" and "peta butter"— perfect post-lunch laugh I needed here at work. HA HA!

Tina September 15, 2010 at 1:00 pm

I've never seen a no pictures sign at a gym. LOL I would still sneak shots though knowing me.

I love finding good deals on bars! They are so $$$ normally.

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