Feelings Check

by Sarah on September 12, 2010 · 4 comments

During one (or two?) of the many summers I spent on staff at my summer camp, the Program Director at the time would have “Feelings Checks” at the beginning (or end?) of staff meetings. These came to be a sort of mocked institution, but were really just an opportunity to vent feelings, both negative and positive. [Although, let’s be real, y’all: it’s hard to vent negative feelings to your boss.]

Anyways, I am calling a feelings check* regarding this weekend and the status of The Smart Kitchen in the blogosphere.

*I would like you to know that I imagine feelings check with an exclamation point at the end of it and yelled following a shrill whistle blowing in which my feelings line up in a neat line by their cots, army-style, and yell out, “Sir, yes, sir!” [Or, “Ma’am, yes, ma’am!” as the case may be…]

I started the morning content, because I had a delicious CFY with plain y(ogurt), a f(ruity) mix of strawberries and green/black grapes, and the usual c(ereal) blend-of-the-moment [or past few weeks].
I am frustrated because I cannot reply to your comments directly on the blog, unless I can get to your blog, or find your e-mail via a blogger account. I don’t want you to think I am ignoring you if I don’t answer your question right away! [For the reader who asked about my overnight oats blend, check out the glossary for details, or this post for a good visual of the process. :)]

I am excited, because I have been working on my first entry for foodbuzz‘s Project Food Blog, the voting for which starts next Monday. You can clink on the link* to the right to see my Contestant Profile, and you’ll get to see my “introductory post” [slash] Challenge #1 here in the next couple of days, when I finalize it. Who knew it would be so hard to encapsulate my blog into 1,000 words or less? Or even at all? I just don’t know if there is a simple way to describe it.

*I went back and reread this, noticing the typo, but decided I liked the rhyme too much to change it.
How would YOU describe The Smart Kitchen? What do you like about it? What makes it different? [Hopefully at least one of you comments on this question or else I will feel like you don’t actually like it….]

Speaking of foodbuzz….I’m curious to know if anyone is planning on going to the Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco in November? I have always wanted to go to San Francisco….perhaps now is the time?

I am happy because I found my new favorite restaurant in Austin…
…where bizarrely I felt like I had just entered a heavenly home of culinary comfort. [It deserves (and I have made) its own post. Get ready for that!]

I feel prepared for the week (at least food-wise…) because I have undergone my usual Type-A “food prep for the week” [The 3 Ps!] and made fixins’ for three lunches…
…including two identical salads (well, except for one has Penzey’s Northwoods Seasoning and the other has the Bavarian)…
Romaine + arugula +spring mix topped with raw zucchini + yellow squash + mushrooms + bell peppers
…and cottage-cheese-and-hummus (HEB brand cottage cheese is SO creamy y’all, and I am loving their store brand roasted red pepper hummus as well).
I’ll also either bring some chips, or bread, or perhaps one of these:
For day #3 (also known as Wednesday, unless I decide to take it tomorrow or Tuesday instead…oh the suspense!), I put together a PVP (personal veggie plate) “to go”…which I may complement with a veggie burger and some yogurt.
I feel good, however, that I still have freedom to make some last minute decisions when I pack everything up in the morning. :)

I was amused to find a giant baby carrot in the bag!
Yes, I know they are just “real” carrots cut small, and this one was just a fluke….but whatever. It made me smile. :)

I am eager for breakfast already, with the four overnight oats I have already made…

dried apples, plum, raisins, and walnuts
strawberries, peaches, goji berries, and walnuts
dried apples, banana, maple, fig preserves, and walnuts
strawberries, orange marmalade, and almonds

I feel rebellious, because last night I CRASHED A WEDDING!

…and ate delicious cake….
More on that later. :)
Month-of-Me Celebration #12

Today I celebrate the feeling that I am right where I need to be.

It may have been a crazy gut feeling that made me move to Austin after having spent only 5 or so days here, but I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. So…I celebrate the fact that while I might agonize over which cereal to purchase at the grocery store or what to order at a restaurant, when it comes to the big choices, I know how to take a leap of faith!

Me. Leaping. Literally.

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