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by Sarah on August 28, 2010 · 3 comments

Welcome to a new feature of The Smart Kitchen! Based on Smart Kitchen Rule #8Don’t yuck my yum!, this new (hopefully weekly) feature is called Yucks & Yums, and, much like one of my Captain Random posts, simply allows me yet another opportunity to transmit my random thoughts about food and (occasionally) life and (mostly pop) culture in general…this time with a positive and negative spin.

Martha has her good things
Siskel & Ebert have their thumbs
Here in The Smart Kitchen
We have YUCKS & YUMS!*

*Clearly I have fallen write back into elementary school land, as that came out without me even having to think about it.

I’m thinking I’ll aim to publish this every Friday or Saturday. It will let me store up things throughout the week and make for some easier weekend posting…when most of y’all aren’t reading anyway. :)

So, without further ado…the first edition of YUCKS & YUMS!


Yuck to Taylor on Cosmo Radio’s Wake-Up! who, on Thursday morning, said, “I really need to come down with an illness so I can lose weight and get back on track.” In all seriousness.

Yum to Aramark, who has partnered with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and is the provider of the school lunches in my district, for making so many whole grain, veggie, and fresh fruit choices available for the kids (including hummus and veggie plates). They even have the lunch options coded with red, yellow, and green circles (like Cooking Light does in its column about “navigating restaurants”) to indicate the higher calorie and less ‘healthy’ options.
Minor Yuck, however, because the soynut butter sandwich is coded red due to being “high in fat and calories” [good fat, people, good fat!]

Yum to high fives from students. (And co-workers!)

Yum to Sun Crystals! Thanks to this “blend of stevia and cane sugar” I haven’t had Splenda in weeks. [Well, except for that one time I went to Starbucks.]
Yuck to forgetting to put socks in my gym bag….but working out anyway….
Yum to my friend Kathleen for e-mailing me the link to this NYTimes article about Cooking With Cottage Cheese, with only the words “your dream come true.”

Actually, Double Yum (Yum Yum?) to Kathleen, because she also made an incredible watermelon/cucumber/cilantro/roasted pistachio salad at Book Club this week that was absolutely amazing.
To add to the already Yummy Thai Coconut Tomato & Bean Stew that Kris made.

Yum to the boy who, while waiting in a line outside of my cube/office said, “Wait. You’re a teacher? I just thought you were here for breakfast and lunch and then you went home.[Perhaps instead of practicing Spanish and teaching them the meaning of the word etiquette during cafeteria duty I should have told them what I was doing in their school?]

Yum to bringing a completely frozen yogurt to school….
…so that by lunch time it has turned into faux-yo! [Granted, this one was a little icy, but still delish.]
Speaking of cold things…Yuck to my cube/office, which is freeeeeeeezing. Although perhaps we can look on the bright side and I might never have to refrigerate my lunch. Yum to Cara for giving me a cute grey sweater, which not only is adorable….it has buttons on the sleeves!
In other school-related business, Yum for finally learning how to open up the stapler so I can staple things onto bulletin boards!
Yes, I have been teaching and/or studying teaching for over seven years now and clearly should have figured this out by now. I’d rather not talk about it.

Yum for the best overnight oats ever! [Well, at least one of the best. I know I say that a lot.]

Welcome to The Smart Kitchen, natural maple flavoring…you have changed it for the better.

Yuck to this sign on a coffee shop. Close late? Are you trying to tell us you close late? Shouldn’t you say closed? It might be grammatically OK, but to cause this much annoyance and confusion makes it deserve a yuck in my book.
[However, it does get a yum for being attached to the most amazing HEB I have ever entered.*]

*Off of 35 and Tech Ridge Blvd, for those of you Austinites out there.

Yum to reading a book about (failed) Austin socialites, and for not only recognizing the streets and landmarks, but also learning that your zip code is apparently shared with the upper tier of the city?
Yum to Penzey’s Bavarian Seasoning (thyme, bay leaf, ground Bavarian mustard seeds, rosemary, garlic…don’t remember what else) which is trying to overtake the Northwoods (chipotle, pepper…other stuff) as my favorite gourmet blend.
Yum Yum to clearing out the crisper with an insanely large BFS (Big Friendly Salad, in case you forgot)…
…and even MORE Yummy because cleaning out the crisper means I get to stock up on more produce over the weekend with the super Yum Texas produce prices. :)

And the final yum goes to my dear friend Molly, who sent me this e-mail on Friday (and I hope she doesn’t mind if I share…):

Hey Pembs!

Inspired by you (and all of my “friends” that you introduced me to- KERF, ELR, CNC, Front Burner), I FINALLY am giving in to the oatmeal thing! i have been hesitant to try overnight oats b/c i have this weird thing about texture (mushy, cold) but yesterday at the grocery store i gave in & bought a huge bag of gluten free rolled oats & ground flax & googled “how to make stovetop oatmeal”. (I had today off from work so i figured there was no excuse not to pull out the cookware for breakfast)
peanut butter, maple syrup (just a wee drizzle!), vanilla, cinnamon & almonds- ummm, YUM! HOW has it taken me so long to get into this? I’m just hoping I have time to make this every AM! Maybe one day i’ll get real brave and make them overnight, but i’m starting w/ baby steps. I also have this weird thing about the almond, lactose whatever milk so i just stick w/ the real stuff, maybe i’ll get over that soon too?

thanks pembs for helping me get healthier! love following along w/ your adventures & hope this school year is starting out great.

Happy Weekend :) xoxo, molls

She said it: Happy Weekend!

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molly August 28, 2010 at 12:21 pm

hehehehe, i love it! i made them AGAIN. ahhhh oatmeal! now i want fun toppings like you all put on them. must scrounge cupboards for fun toppings….


Cati August 28, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Puh-leaze, I blog-surf every day…I'm addicted! And YUM to this post – what a fun idea.


sophia August 28, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Oh I LOVE this new concept! Very smart and easy to read and enjoy.
I also have a great love for those Penzey's spices. They're awesome.


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