Lazy Last Day…

by Sarah on August 9, 2010 · 2 comments

…of summer!

It’s official, as you read this, I am on my way to (or in the middle of) my first day of New Teacher Orientation. So…not back-to-school yet, no kids or anything, but back to work, back to routine. President Obama is even coming to Austin today JUST to congratulate me for getting a job!


If you’d care for a soundtrack for this post, I will most likely be rocking out to this song on my way this morning. (Thank you Cathy for introducing me to this cute Austin songwriter…I am always a sucker for a boy with a guitar…) Ryan Harkrider is the current Smart Kitchen soundtrack.


I wish I could say that my last day of summer was spent living it up, basking in the glow of summer sunshine, and frolicking through sprinklers, eating drippy popsicles, and partaking in a one-woman fireworks display.

But it was really hot outside.

Breakfast was a deliciously fortifying bowl of overnight oats, very simply topped with green grapes and blueberries, as well as All-Bran Bran Buds. [Have I expressed my adoration of these little nuggets of crunch? Oh yes. Yes I have.]
This little Tupperware container is emptied of its tenants now…
After cleaning the kitchen, getting papers in order, trying to organize my room (laughable really, as I tend to just look at the boxes that are still packed and the pictures still not on the walls and consider what to do with them, inevitably giving in and choosing instead to watch stored episodes of The Best Thing I Ever Ate on my Tivo). One day I’ll completely be unpacked. One day.

Lunch was a big old salad, inspired mainly by the fact that the bag of 6 Romaine hearts was less expensive than the smaller bag of 3, so I am overrun with not only melon, but also lettuce. Good thing I love salad, right?
Romaine, raw zucchini and summer squash, carrots, mushrooms, and red and yellow bell peppers, all sprinkled with Penzey’s Northwoods Seasoning. (Every other food blogger might have Garlic Gold, but I’ve got Penzey’s.)
I had been planning on whipping up a new hummus experiment to use for salad toppers in my packed lunches this week, but instead I realized that the drastic price reduction on these HUGE tubs of hummus was just as cost efficient. I’ll break out the canned garbanzos next weekend.
In addition to the Cedar’s Artichoke Spinach hummus (I mean hommus, excuse me), I piled on a bit of cottage cheese. (This Lucerne Reduced Sodium might be healthier, but it’s not as good as a salad dressing replacement. It’s not as creamy as some others.)
The hummus (hummos) had been purchased while lured out on a grocery store adventure due to the prices of produce this week (and every week….let’s be real).
In addition to a LOVELY and delicious watermelon (cut up now and munched upon, don’t worry), I was able to procure this interesting new food find…for FREE!
Banana flavored natural peanut butter? What the…? OK, Sunland, you might have an AWESOME calypso jingle playing on your website (click on it and just TRY not to dance a little in your chair)…but you have got some crazy peanut butter flavors. [Banana isn’t all that odd, but how about Thai Ginger & Red Pepper? Spicy Southwestern? Or Onion Parsley? I really am intrigued by the molasses flavor though…] Unfortunately for me, they only stock the banana and raspberry spreads at Sprouts. Fortunately, I happened to notice that the “best by” date was upon us, and so I kindly asked at the register if they’d give me a discount.

Instead they gave it to me for FREE! I had wanted to try it for awhile out of sheer curiosity, so this just made it even more amazing. And actually, I scored TWO.
Good thing I know a certain sister of mine happens to like weird food and nut butter just as much as I do and has a birthday package in the works…

So how was it? Well it was thick and sweet and rich….and I was happily surprised that the banana wasn’t super artificial tasting. In fact, it kind of tasted like the best sandwich of all time (or at least one of the best): a PB & B + H! [Peanut Butter & Banana + Honey for those of you anti-achronistic readers.]

After all of that nut butter excitement, I kept dinner super simple. Remember I had these Yves Veggie Cuisine Zesty Italian Sausages (SO SO good y’all)…
…I sliced up half of one into thirds, heated it through, and put it on a toasted Earth Grains Thin Bun, with some sliced Parmesan, slightly melty. YUMMY! On the side, a huge bowl of Gazpacho, which I still had hanging around in the fridge, and will be making its guest blog appearance this week over at!
I also ended up eating a salad of pure Romaine, just to reduce the amount in the fridge….


As I mentioned up top, while you are reading this I’m in the middle of my orientation! Entering the new school year means the return of the BUG [bowl {slash} mug] filled with (usually an overnight oats) breakfast:
Stackable, packable, lunches…
Gym clothes ready for after school!See you tonight for a recap! :)

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Cara August 9, 2010 at 9:14 am

That PB looks amazing. Do you know if they have the crazy flavored ones in Austin?

thehungryscholar August 9, 2010 at 2:28 pm

I want that PB! Looks like a succesful shopping trip!

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