A Day of Discovery

by Sarah on August 13, 2010

Move over Lewis & Clark. There’s a new explorer in town.

That’s right, folks. You might as well call me Pember de Leon, because, although I haven’t been searching for the fountain of youth (more like a fountain of Diet Coke), today was all about discovery.

Discovery #1–My new roommate and I clearly share the same sense of humor, as evidenced by this poster I discovered in our bathroom. [It’s like a Barney Stinson version of Operation Beautiful.]
Discovery #2–You don’t need a banana to make overnight oats!

Yeah, yeah. I know. That seems obvious, right? But, I had never made them without a banana before, and I had this idea in my head that they were crucial to the mix, but when I was staring down my oats-in-the-making…
…and realized I had no more bananas, I said to myself, “Self, this is silly. Unless the bananas are super mushy, it’s really just like adding any other fruit and letting that sit overnight.” Since my inner self is often more logical than my outer self, I listened. Into the mix went some frozen mango and papaya, diced into small chunks.
Topped off with some Smuckers Orange Marmalade, because I have discovered I love a little jelly in my belly! (er…I mean…my overnight oats!)

Walnuts, too, of course. Can’t live without a little CRUNCH in the morning. :)

Discovery #3Siggy and Fizzy Water are in a battle for my heart. (Stomach?) I have been drinking TONS more water now that I am back into my school routine…but carbonation still beckons its bubbly little finger for me to just…keep…drinking….

And yes, putting a sock on Siggy so he doesn’t “sweat” was a very smart thing to do.

Discovery #4–Someone left Rudy’s in the fridge!

What does that mean? Yesterday’s catered lunch for the leadership team at school happened to be from Texas-famed BBQ establishment, Rudy’s, and they left quite a bit of deliciousness behind. When opening the teachers’ lounge fridge today, I discovered lots of food, free for my grabbing.

So, although I had packed this delicious salad (as well as some hummus and cottage cheese to go on top)…
Romaine, mushrooms, raw zucchini and summer squash, tomatoes, red bell peppers, all sprinkled with a generous amount of Italian seasoning…
The hummus and the cottage cheese had to be abandoned in favor of Rudy’s incredible smoked turkey, some pickles, and some BBQ sauce!
Discovery #5--I REALLY like smoked turkey. So much so that I went back for seconds, and then proceeded to pack up all the remaining smoked turkey to take home with me.
Discovery #6–I also really like pickles.

Say hello to my afternoon snack…

Discovery #7--There is never a bad time for melon. [Well, except for maybe in the winter.]
Discovery #8–Remember the random Dutch Boy I told you about? Well I discovered that he has a lot of professional cooking knives.
No need to worry about my safety. Any scary intruders will be attacked with those bad boys. If I wasn’t afraid of them. (The knives, not the intruders. Although I guess I would be afraid of intruders…you get my point. I think.)

Discovery #9–On Fridays you can go to Happy Hour at HEB, where they will give you lots of wine and offer you cheese for free.

Discovery #10–Not a good idea to drink said wine immediately after exercising.

Discovery #11–Also at HEB, you can buy Diet Pineapple Soda. Bad for you? Maybe. Deliciously sweet? Yes.
Discovery #12–I have discovered why I’m weird!!!!

No, not the ways in which I’m weird. We all know those. But the reason why I became weird in the first place.


Case in point: My birthday package.

First of all, she used an excessive amount of tape on this thing. It required the aforementioned scary chef knives to get into.

Hey, Mom, thanks so much for sending me 25 yards of random fabric!
Oh, and these random camp photos from 1999! (Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s…)
Make-your-own business cards! Gee, Mom, thanks for supporting the blog by providing me with more opportunities for frustrated dealings with my computer and printer.
Oh look, the real present! And my mom apparently has met up with Marty McFly and gone Back to the Future, because she thought I turned six and not twenty-six.

But actually, when it comes down to it, she did a pretty good job. :)
Discovery #13–The perfect, “it’s Friday night and I’m tired but I need something semi-impressive to bring as an appetizer to Book Club,” solution: 10-Layer Greek Dip! (Eleven if you count the dried oregano.)
Off to share that last discovery with the world!

Or, well, the ladies at my special “Birthday Book Club.” :)

[I’ll share the recipe with y’all later.]

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