Nature Girls & Mad Men

by Sarah on July 25, 2010 · 2 comments

Raise your hand if you are also overwhelmingly excited for the Mad Men premiere tonight!

For those of you not raising your hands, I would like you to take a clipboard into the hallway and write me a letter telling me what you have done wrong. (Hint: Not been watching Mad Men.)
Yes, folks, I do watch some legitimately good television programming [Read: TV that does not involve dating and/or cooking competitions, house hunting, or singing and dancing high school students….oh wait, all those shows are awesome. Nevermind.]

I am so excited about the return of Don Draper into my life that I almost chose to skip seeing the musical Annie in the park tonight. But, thank heaven for Tivo (well, I actually prefer DVR, but that’s beside the point). Because in case you haven’t figured it out, I am a sucker for musical theater. :)

Yesterday I was feeling very nature-girl, close-to-the-Earth, it seems, as I started off my morning with a bowl of overnight oats that ended up following a very globe-like color palette.
My standard, banana-rific overnight oats base, topped with a kiwi, some green grapes, and blueberries….

…and a sprinkling of Trail Mix Granola for crunch factor.

Perhaps it was the earth-toned breakfast, or the connotations of eating Trail Mix Granola….or maybe it was just the fact that Teddy and Cara had the gumption to initiate a nature-oriented outing for the day, but I spent the afternoon in the Greenbelt, hiking and swimming with Kathleen, Ximena, Teddy, Cara, and Cara’s puppies, and my new canine nephew and niece, Ender and Emily. I wish I had pictures, but I left the camera behind this time. [I really need to get a small, more easily portable one. Any recs?]

Teddy was so thoughtful to bring us some healthy trail snacks: cantaloupe and jicama coated in chili and lime juice (in the Mexican style). I was so inspired by the deliciousness of the jicama, and, randomly, I happened to have one in my kitchen, so I went ahead and whipped up some of my own when I got home. Three ingredients—chili powder, jicama, and lime (I only used one)–will make a really fresh, healthy snack.
Basically, you peel the jicama (you’ll want to go ahead and use a pretty tough knife, rather than a veggie peeler) and then chop it into bite-sized pieces. Then, pop it into a resealable container, squeeze lime juice over it, and add as much chili powder as you like. Close up the container and shake, shake, shake (shake that ji-cama…did you sing that? I hope so.).

I also happened to have these radishes that I bought because they are 49 cents and I thought they might spice up my life a little bit (literally, radishes have a peppery spice to them). But I wanted to try and utilize them in a creative way.
Interestingly, a Rustic Jicama Appetizer with Red Chile and Lime recipe from Cooking Light popped up when I searched for radish recipes. I’m not really sure what makes that recipe rustic, unless “rustic” is code for “inspired by traditional Mexican cuisine,” but regardless, I decided that I might as well try to add quartered radishes to the chopped jicama prior to juicing/spicing/shaking.
Ready to eat!
I prefer the jicama, but the radishes do add an interesting taste.


For my late afternoon lunch, I made a Personal Veggie Plate, which is essentially a salad sans lettuce, and have decided to begin referencing these as PVPs, yet another acronym I will make and forget to use (does anyone remember the BFS?). But I will try.
Those tomatoes were SUPER cherry tomatoes. I’m sure they have extensive GMO affiliations, but man, they are deliciously sweet. [And every time I open the clamshell package I can think “SU-per CHERR-ies!” in a superhero announcing sing-song. So that’s fun.]
I also had a side of meat!
OK, fine. It was fake meat. Turns out those Yves Veggie Cuisine veggie Italian sausages are delicious when cold as well. They taste like salami! (You know I love cured meat. Apparently I love faux cured meat as well.)

Dinner was a recreation of the pizza-inspired wrap from yesterday. I thought, since I turned the pizza into a wrap, I should go ahead and turn it back into a pizza. [I have been having intense pizza cravings lately, also. And after making this Roll-Up pizza last night, I realize why. Pizza is amazing.]
I took a Damascus Bakeries‘ Roll-Out, pre-baked it for about 5 minutes in a 375 degree oven, then pulled it out and topped it with some tomato sauce, pre-cooked spinach, chopped black olives and artichoke hearts, and a whole lot of mushrooms. Then, I put on some Parmesan and goat cheese. (Thanks to my friend Ximena, I know that tomato sauce + goat cheese = heaven.) Pizza always tastes better with a lot of oregano, so I sprinkled a ton of that on too.

I let that cook for 12 minutes (I set the timer for 15, but couldn’t wait), and it was perfection on a plate! [On the side I had some simply sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, made with lots of dill. I learned that from my father, who says that adding dill to your summer squash will make even zucchini haters want seconds.]

Dessert included this frozen Raspberry Goji flavored Dannon Light ‘n Fit. It was yummy. I hope I can find the flavor again, as I haven’t seen it since I bought this one.


Around 11:30, I managed to overcome my natural nesting/homebody tendencies, roused myself from near-slumber/reading [Such a Pretty Fat], quickly changed, and headed out to meet the girls (and some of their boys) at The Good Knight, a moody bar in East Austin, with personal light dimmers in the booths, where I had the opportunity to practice my Spanish with an Argentinean.

It was too dark to take pictures with my phone, but imagine a beautiful drink that I spent way too much money on, made of peaches, fresh mint, bourbon, and sparkling wine, called the Southern Fashioned. That is what I drank. [If the peaches, mint, and word sparkling weren’t going to hook me, the southern did.]

Since I don’t have photos of last night, I instead offer a couple from a similarly swank-tastic experience, from the time we went to the East Side Show Room….
…and they served drinks in Mason jars….
…and that was awesome (even if the waiter wasn’t).


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