I Don’t Need Anything But ‘CUE!

by Sarah on July 26, 2010 · 3 comments

Hello friends! Hopefully you enjoyed your little Zac Efron wake-up call…for those of you who do not find as much joy in his hotness [which, based on the lack of “OMG I LUV ZAC!” comments, is no one], I apologize. :)

Perhaps I was just in an “Oh, how I love musicals” mood after being able to take advantage last night of yet another amazing Austin experience. For the price of parking at Zilker Park (plus humbly requested, and willingly given, cash donation), I was able to attend an outdoor production of….andifyougottheallusioninthetitleofthispostthenthiswon’tbeasurprise….
Now, I have to say, the 1982 film with the crazy chase scene and the random turbaned man was not a prominent feature of my childhood, as it was for so many people of my generation. I was, thankfully, truly introduced to the musical much later, when ABC, following the script almost perfectly, recreated the show in a made-for-TV movie featuring Kathy Bates, Kristin Chenoweth (who all of you Gleeks out there know from the more boring—sorry!—episodes this season), and Victor Garber (who most of you know as His Sketchness from Legally Blonde, but I will always call Jack from his stint on Alias) as Warbucks. I pretty much was (and kind of still am) obsessed with this made-for-TV movie. So much so that I even watched it in college, and I was known to listen to the soundtrack on repeat when facing a term paper or essay deadline. [Why “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” seemed to help me analyze Shakespeare I will never know.] I also incorporated a lot of the more stellar dance moves into my choreography when I directed Annie at camp a number of years ago. [Still one of the best shows I’ve done I think.]

So, the fact that Austin had yet again aligned the stars to reveal that I was fated to move here…I was super excited to find out that Annie was the chosen production of Zilker Theater Productions this summer. (Although, I’m about to start a campaign for Rodgers and Hammerstein’s State Fair, which is the best musical EVER. Not the movie version though. The actual show. Which, ironically enough, featured Andrea McArdle in it’s original cast. Who is Andrea McCardle? Oh, that’s right—the original Annie. She also makes a cameo as the “Star-to-Be” in the ABC made-for-TV movie…but now we are just going WAAAAY to far down the rabbit hole that is Sarah’s knowledge of random pop culture.)

The set was clearly amazing, and so was the performance. I can’t believe I get to live in a place where this stuff is so well-attended, so celebrated, so completely wonderful, and so, well, FREE.
I did keep a handle on my singing along and reciting much of the script from memory. [I’ll let you decide if there was a slight tear in my eye during the closing number.]

This would have been a great opportunity for me to do a post about “Perfect Picnic Pickin’s” or something to that effect, but, yeah, I ate dinner at home beforehand.
Can we please note the steam rising off of my sauteed-with-dill zucchini and squash?
In addition to the squash and zucchini (Which is a squash, isn’t it? I feel redundant.) I had some leftover sweet potat-er chunks (sprinkled with cinnamon and cumin), and an Yves Veggie Cuisine Veggie Sausage sliced up on an EarthGrains Thin Bun, with lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce. (I think you could put BBQ sauce on anything and I’d eat it. It might be a problem.)
I had wanted to pick up some more of these (apparently very trendy) “thins,” and as I was comparing prices and ingredient lists, I liked the EarthGrains because although calorie count was comparable, the ingredients were the most basic and “whole grain,” including rye, barley, corn, oats, and millet, were listen first, as opposed to Enriched Wheat Flour or something of the like. [They taste good too!]

I also wanted to document that I drank not one, but two glasses of water with dinner. I’m trying to be better about staying hydrated with good ol’ H-two-O, rather than eat half a watermelon because really, I’m just thirsty.
Although I had eaten, I brought along a few random pita chips and some leftover tortilla chips to add to Kathleen’s generous spread of hummus, carrots, and zucchini. [I believe she also classed it up with some melon wrapped in proscuitto, but I didn’t partake in that.]
The hummus was good, but they weren’t lying about it being spicy.
The consistency was a little more “loose” than other store-bought hummuses (hummi) I’ve had, but I actually quite liked that. It was more the texture and viscosity (big word alert!) of my Zucchini Hummus. (Shameless plug for my own recipe? Yes.)

Hey, Sarah…why’d you smuggle soup in your bag?
Oh no…not soup. That would be the protective container encapsulating my lovely red pair! (Bought on sale at SuperTarget for 25 cents/lb. Score.) No matter what state of ripeness they are in, I feel like pears NEVER travel well. I always end up with a bruised and beaten specimen regardless of how delicately I handle it. Not this time, however! It was perfect and a wonderful snack for the show.
One of the other members of the UVA Club (which I forgot to mention is why I knew about the show originally, and why I was there) brought Rice Krispie(s) Treats…made orange and blue for our mutual affiliation.
I’m not trying to plug Rice Krispie(s) Treats or anything, because they aren’t really all that good for you (in terms of being nutritional dead zones)…but man, they can be so simplistically delicious. [And truly, if I’m honest with you, I love them. And the little teeny sprinkles of colored sugar on top just heightened the sweet, textural experience. So if you’re going to make a Krispie(s) Treat, by all means, go ahead and add extra colored sugar crystals on top. If you’ve already added a whole bag of marshmallows, what’s a little more? :)*]

*Now I’m just thinking about all the possible add-ins for Rice Krispie(s) Treats that would make them from awesome to AWE-some. Peanut butter…chocolate chips…caramel…icing…BBQ Sauce…just kidding. Maybe. [Remember when I said above that I’d eat anything if it was covered in BBQ Sauce. Yeah, I’d probably eat a BBQ Rice Krispie(s) Treat.]

OK, off to go relive my musical theater “career,” one box-step and set of jazz hands at a time!

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Kittie July 26, 2010 at 4:45 pm

I was totally plannig on making a ricemellow/millet puff rice crispy this week and now….now I am going to have to expand that ingredient list I think.


Lele July 26, 2010 at 6:09 pm

My mom made peanut butter rice krispie treats when we were children and they rocked my life. I'd offer you the recipe but it had corn syrup and other slightly sketch ingredients- I'm betting that you will come up with something awesome and creative on your own (and I would totally try BBQ too! That sounds kind of like the weird desserts I ate in Asia!)


Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life July 27, 2010 at 9:10 am

Um… Zac gave Victoria a hug yesterday… what a lucky gal, right?? I LOVE Wake Up!

Anyways, I also love those EarthGrain thin buns :)


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