The Escape of Time

by Sarah on June 25, 2010 · 2 comments

Originally, I was going to title this post “Escaping Time,” but that gave me all this agency, as though I were in the middle of an exciting adventure movie where Time was the evil villain out to get me and my loyal band of followers, and the last 20 minutes of the film were full of crazy stunts through wild terrain as we attempted to not only escape Time’s grasp, but somehow trap him and his henchmen (Seconds and Minutes? Hours and Days?) and tie them up, conveniently ready to be taken away by the police.

So not what happened.

Next, I thought about titling it “Time Escaped Me,” which is true, in terms of our modern linguistic expressions, but then I became a villain, and I didn’t like that. I don’t think my current title is much better, especially as it turns the whole event into a passively-voiced (and therefore much looked down upon by English teachers) statement…but in the end, my point remains the same:

I spent the day Tivo-watching, exercising, eating, and “running errands” (translation: using gift certificates at TJ Maxx, purchasing throw pillows at Pier 1 and $5 earrings at World Market, and aimlessly wandering the aisles of H.E.B)…until all of a sudden it was 5:30 and I was meant to be at a UVA Happy Hour at Uncle Billy’s, followed by Book Club at Cara‘s. Then, before I knew it, it was midnight, and “then sun had gone to bed and so must I [have? How do I turn that into past tense?]“*

*I did not sit on the staircase and sing. Only because I live in an apartment, and we don’t have a staircase.


For breakfast, I had just enough of this incredible Archer Farms plain yogurt to make a CFYIAT (which, if you try to say it phonetically, sounds like “See a Fiat” which although spells out the name of a car, I think is pronounced differently) but is really just my attempt at turning something into an acronym that really doesn’t need to be. :)
Into my Tub of remaining Yogurt went a whole lot of Cereal crumblies (the bottom of the box goodness), including the last of my Nature’s Path Smart Bran and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise, and the last of the Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola that Caroline had bought and left behind. [Perhaps I should consider buying stock in Nature’s Path?]
I also added some of these Post Toasties Os, which I had discovered at H.E.B. and convinced myself I used to eat as a small child, but had never seen since. I don’t think that is actually true, but either way, they are delicious. [There is definitely some sugar on ’em, but they are wheat and barley Os…the barley adds something special.]
For my Fruit, it was another “finishing off” of some peaches I had already cut and the last of my raspberries. I added some grapes and blackberries for more punch and color.
So good! :) [And so much fun to eat out of a tub…why are containers for important to meal satisfaction?]

In the manner of the day, all of a sudden, it seemed like lunchtime. A relative repeat of the few days before (and my go-to standard): a salad of multi-colored veggies, with cottage cheese and hummus.
Romaine lettuce, mixed with raw spinach and fresh basil, topped with tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, and celery, along with a scoop of cottage cheese, and some of my new favorite find: Wickles Relish. [Which you can buy at H.E.B., and also I think Harris Teeter for y’all in the Southeast.]
That was no ordinary hummus either…it was my newly created BBQ Hummus! Texas flavors must really be getting to me…
Considering that the only not-covered-in-mayo vegetable you can usually find with BBQ is a pickled cucumber, I figured relish was a perfect pairing! (So true.)

I could have used the Wickles relish as a garnish when I took the rest of the hummus to Book Club at Cara‘s later that evening, but instead I went with cilantro and feta.
Although I was perfectly satisfied with the raw veggies (after all, I am a Crudite Queen), and probably ate most of them myself [Hey, the Smart Kitchen Dinner Party/Potluck Clause does stipulate that you should bring what you would want to eat…if there isn’t a healthy dish available, it’s your own darn fault!]…I thought, “What else pairs really well with BBQ flavors?”


Food Should Taste Good chips, on sale at HEB this week 2 for $4!

We had quite the foodie (and healthy!) feast at Book Club….from the appetizers of my BBQ Hummus, some very fun looking cheese…
…with crackers and Great Harvest spinach & feta bread (yum!)
There was wine of course! (This is the club I declared the motto to be “No Books, Just Wine” upon being invited to attend.)
And dinner, prepared by Cara, was incredible! She made Avocado Soup (like delicious guacamole in a slightly creamier, due to Greek yogurt, form), along with homemade crab cakes (which she seasoned perfectly…don’t know how she did it), and a spring mix salad topped with strawberries and mozzarella.
(I added some of the blackberries brought by Kathleen to the salad also….good job, me.)

Dessert was quite the spread as well…
Chocolate cake and fresh fruit, along with Karina’s homemade popsicles [incredibly delicious, made by blending together a bunch of fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, and tonic water (!?!?!)]
Teddy made Daifuku…which I’m probably not spelling right, but are, from what I can remember of her description, a Japanese treat made with Adzuki bean paste. [Can you tell which one of us has gone to culinary school?]
I realized only after I got home and uploaded pictures that I was too busy talking (of course) and forcing everyone to take a picture for the blog (of course) that I totally forgot to eat one of those cutie-pinks!
Thanks for being amenable to my photography, ladies. Please invite me back despite my incessant attempts at taking pictures. :)


It is early, but I’m off for a pretty big day (maybe?). I’ll let you know about it later!

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emilyeatsclean June 25, 2010 at 11:11 pm

Seriously…where does time go?!?! I am in LOVE with Food Should Taste Good chips….they are ahh-mazing!

graduategourmande June 26, 2010 at 10:33 pm

DEFINITELY making the BBQ hummus in the new food processor!

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