It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye….

by Sarah on June 22, 2010 · 5 comments

…to yesterdaaaaaaaaay…

Boyz II Men? Anyone? [I know, I know, if I could have figured out how to type the rise and fall of the aaaaaaaay it would have made a much better allusion.]

Really, Boyz II Men’s best song was “Motown Philly,” which I thought was awesome as a small child mainly because I lived sort of/kind of in Philadelphia and “the boyz” (or were they now men, signified by a sudden ability to spell things correctly?) were from there, but then, when Stephanie danced to it on that episode of Full House where she wore the awesome black tutu and hat that Danny had to spend the night sewing sequins on, and then she purposely messed up the performance until receiving an inspirational talk backstage…well, then the song became legendary (at least for people like me, who tend to associate most life happenings with miscellaneous pop culture items/events/history, including references to the entire catalog of old episodes of Saved By The Bell and Full House that are permanently stored in their long term memories).

Regardless, it was hard to say goodbye to Caroline yesterday…
…and I, of course, couldn’t let her go without a big ol’ snack for her trip. (Can you believe she’d never been on an airplane by herself before?)
At 11:00 the night before, I hadn’t been able to concentrate on my scintillating chick lit novel because I was concerned about Caroline’s hunger during the next day’s travels. So I got up and packed her a lunch, which included carrot sticks, pistachios, and an almond butter-and-Dakota Bread sandwich.

I wish I could say I ate this lovely CFY for breakfast…(C= Nature’s Path Smart Bran and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise, F=peaches, razzies, and strawberries, and Y= the Archer Farms brand plain yogurt I am currently super-obsessed with)…but that was from the day before.
Sadly, folks, and as much as I hate to admit it, I committed a cardinal sin and didn’t eat breakfast! Not a proper one, anyway. I did grab a handful or two of cherries on the way out the door to the airport, but I wasn’t super hungry (probably due to the amount of almond butter I consumed while making Caroline’s sandwich the night before) when we left, and I figured I could just get something when I came back home. I, naturally, was able to find time to make coffee-to-go:
Then, instead of going back home and sitting down to breakfast, I decided since I was already over on the east side of town, I should probably go to Super Target and look for a neutral colored bedspread based on my overnight design decisions.
I did find a bedspread, although subconsciously you and I both know the real reason I went to Super Target was to get more of this:
Seriously, y’all, it is that good. Also delicious? The as-high-in-sugar-as-frozen-yogurt-but-so-much-fun flavored yogurts that I spotted nearby:
Blueberry pomegranate (inspired by the previously alluded to frozen yogurt I had purchased for $1 at Newflower when the freezers broke down), banana cream pie, apple raisin bread, and my go-to favorite flavor: honey almond.

I also thought that perhaps since the generic yogurt was so good…perhaps I would have similar results with the cottage cheese? (I’m still working through the HEB “Queso Cottage” deliciousness, but I will let you know the results of this taste test/comparison.)
Yes, folks, my grocery shopping compulsive disorder rears it’s ugly head yet again, but I have been better…I put back the Archer Farms brand hummus chips (!) that you can bet I wanted to try soooooo badly. I said to myself, “Self, you have not finished the delicious HEB Adzuki Bean Chipotle Cheese chips yet. PUT. THOSE. BACK.” And I did. But not without a wee bit of regret…

Perhaps to avoid rush hour traffic, perhaps to distract myself from actually being on my own in Austin without Caroline, or perhaps because I have a grocery store addiction, I stopped at Newflower on my way home.
I intended just to buy a few inexpensive produce items for the week, and some pantry staples for some kitchen experiments, now that my food processor has been unearthed, but then I saw this slightly sad but adorable basil plant who just needed to find a good home…so I put him in my front seat (after paying for him of course!) and took him with me. [Since I can’t adopt a dog, why not a basil plant?]
He was a little upset after I accidentally dropped him on the ground in the parking lot…but at least he was moving into a kitchen and leaving the heat of the grocery store sidewalk behind, right?

And I don’t know how this ended up in my basket. Seriously…no clue.
(Although, to be fair, it IS much more cost efficient to buy your own frozen yogurt rather than visit the soft serve places constantly. Perhaps it isn’t as delicious…I mean, there is just something about soft serve…but you save a ton of money in the long run, even if you just buy the small pints…and if your love for frozen yogurt is as strong as mine.)

Finally made it home, only to turn around and rush out again. (Still no breakfast! Just a handful of grapes on the drive…) I headed to the Whole Foods north of the city for a second round interview, but we quickly changed venues to the nearby Panera, where it was a little quieter and less “busy.”
I love interviews in Austin, where apparently food is prominent (and free for me!), and your interviewers really don’t mind if you take pictures for your blog.
I chose to do the You-Pick-Two with the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad, and 1/2 of a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. I chose an apple over the chips or extra bread in baguette form (Panera baguettes are really hit or miss I find…I usually end up eating only the chewy inside since I hate hard bread. Unless it’s a pita chip. Is that hard bread though, really?*) I forgot to order dressing on the side, but it turned out just fine, as whoever was back there making my salad dressed it to perfection! [Do you think there are salad stylists who sit around in salad dressing rooms telling the Romaine and spring mix whether the vinaigrette works for them, if they should consider trying out the ranch?]

*Yes, Caroline and I did have this conversation while she was here. Yes, it lasted much longer than it reasonably should have.

You would have thought that having not eaten breakfast I would have scarfed down my meal with the type of gusto usually reserved for self-serve soft-serve frozen yogurt or chiplets, but because it was an interview (and because this is what normally tends to happen when I go out to eat with new people), I spent so much time talking that I only made it through the salad, and I had to take the rest to go.
The apple didn’t make it home, but I was able to maximize my leftovers and follow the reuse part of Smart Kitchen Rule #3 [Reduce, Reuse, Recycle], but turning my leftover sandwich into a bread-and-salad dinner!

I took the innards from my Mediterranean Veggie sandwich and put them on the leftover organicgirl greens from our grilled chicken salads.
I must say the sandwich was sort of sad in its content, as there were a measly two tomato slices, two red onion slices, and two cucumber slices, along with a miniscule amount of red peppadews and a small crumbling of feta.
The bread, however, was deliciously doughy, and the cilantro hummus was fantastic!
To the salad, I added carrots, mushrooms, extra cucumber, and leftover grilled chicken from the night before. I topped the whole thing with some of the D.L. Jardine’s Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (oh my goll, y’all, I want to eat it on everything…does this mean I’m becoming a Texan?) as well as some Whole Foods 365 Roasted Poblano Salsa (actually, I have no idea if that is what it’s called but I’m too lazy to go over to the fridge and check…but it’s definitely from Whole Foods, and definitely 365 brand).
Sorry about the photos…natural lighting is unfortunately a slight problem in the new Smart Kitchen…
Midway through The Bachelorette, I needed something sweet. I began with a fruit salad of cherries, grapes, strawberries, and kiwis (yes, I eat the skin)…
…and followed it by demolishing the rest of my Double Rainbow tart frozen yogurts. (Good thing I had already bought another pint, no?)
Later on, I ate some carrots and polished off the rest of the Maranatha Almond Butter, given to me as a going-away present by Jess…who I must have realized was having a very exciting night and wanted to be telepathically (via almond butter consumption) connected to, because this morning I received this photo in my inbox:
Congrats foodie friend :) Glad he manned up. Does this mean baseball season is officially over?

Did any of you just scroll through this post and think that was MY hand and that things were REALLY going well for me in Texas? Oh my goll, y’all…how hilarious would THAT have been?

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Anonymous June 22, 2010 at 1:04 pm

The target yogurt flavors sound so good! Have you ever tried freezing them and eating them as frozen yogurt? I love to do that with my greek yogurt flavors (especially caramel Oikos) delicious! Glad you like Austin.


Maggie June 22, 2010 at 1:52 pm

Don't you worry about your grocery store/shopping frenzy 😀 I do the same thing and i'm sure so many of us do! It's just so fun finding great deals on delicious food :) It sounds like the interview went well! Best of luck!


Jacqui June 22, 2010 at 3:09 pm

So is it sad that I remember the exact episode of Full House you are talking about!!


Cara June 22, 2010 at 3:15 pm

I am the say way with groceries store. I need to get it under control! haha.


graduategourmande June 22, 2010 at 7:46 pm

I saw those hummus chips at Target too – they had them in roasted red pepper as well! I was sooo tempted but put them back too due to the entire line of Dr. Krackers waiting for me …


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