Friday Fiestas

by Sarah on June 4, 2010 · 2 comments

In my ‘bug’ of overnight oats this morning, I discovered the remnants of an unplanned party in which no one was invited, but, well, everyone showed up.

Here’s what happened.

Yesterday evening, Banana, Oats, and Yogurt were all over at Wheat Bran’s house working on their science project, when who should appear but Wheat’s older cousin, just released from Whole Grains School for Boys (aka. military school/imprisonment for juvenile deliquents)…
WHEAT FLAKES, rebel without a cause…the ultimate “bad news bear,” if you will.
Wheat Flakes overheard that Oats’ parents were going out of town that night and decided, in the style of the ultimate 90s high school rom-com, 10 Things I Hate About You, to crash the Future MBA meeting at Bogey Lowenstein’s—er….OATS’—house that night with a much more exciting, only-happens-in-the-aforementioned-90s-high-school-rom-coms (and perhaps those from the 80s) kegger.
He immediately dialed up Cinnamon and Nutmeg, those feisty minxes.
And they put out a tweet to the entire school…the blueberries, the mango, the peaches, the strawberries, and the raspberries….even the GRAPES were invited.
The house filled up pretty fast…
…obviously some almond milk spills were to be expected. [Did I forget to mention the “kegs” were filled with almond milk? This blog is PG, people.]
There was a whole lot of dancing, and a little debauchery (all of which was carefully edited to imply what might have happened, but provide no visual certainty)…
Yogurt, who had always wanted to be popular and mistakenly joined the Future MBAs as a new kid, not realizing that was a social misstep, decided to participate fully in the unsanctioned shindig.
Oats was overwhelmed trying to clean up the messes being made all around him: windows were breaking, tkotchkes were crashing to the ground, and his dad’s prize bowling trophy disappeared [along with his bowling ball….but the splash heard outside indicated it was probably now at the bottom of the pool].
No one invited the Nuts. I mean, come on, puh-lease, they are, like, totally lame.* But they found out about the party….

*Not the true opinion of the author; as you know, she’s obsessed with nuts…at least in butter form.
…and finally made it before the police showed up and Oats was left with his best friend Bran, trying to pick up the pieces.

Pieces of granola that is. (Smart) Kitchen Sink Granola, to be more specific.
[I would like to note that this bowl of overnight oats was AMAZINGLY delicious. Fresh and clean tasting. I couldn’t really tell the difference with using half wheat flakes and half rolled oats. Grapes in oats? Incredible. Who would have thought?]


The party continued at lunch, with a little Mexican fiesta flair!

I had this Wholly Guacamole in the freezer (bought on sale eons ago), and thawed some out with the intention of putting it, of course, on a salad…
I started off with a base of Romaine & spinach, plus three colors of bell pepper (green, red, yellow), tomatoes, carrots, and cukes.
But then I thought, Why stop there, Sarah?

Since moving = cleaning out the pantry/fridge/freezer = permission to be crazy with your food [Not that you need that. Ever.], I thought, how about we pop open these?
I added some of the water chestnuts to the mixed, and topped the whole mess with some cottage cheese and whole mess of guac. Then I sprinkled on some of the Penzey’s Northwoods Seasoning, which includes chipotle, so I considered it apropos.
It’s a gala in Gladware! [This looked so good as I was putting it together that I actually ate the same thing for dinner last night. :)]

Since we were working with Mexican fiesta-like conditions, and because the theme of the day was “PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT!” Wayne & Garth thought to check out my “Party Pantry,” and discovered these, perfectly paired with the guacamole:
P.S. Garden Salsa SunChips are delicious crumbled up in over cottage cheese…or as a substitute for tortillas on Tortilla Soup! [SunChips in general also have THE BEST CHIPLETS EVER….well aside from perhaps those from a bag of Lundberg Rice Chips, or any rice chips in general, like these chipotle adzuki ones my friend Shannon bought from the HEB in Austin…but I digress.]

Watermelon and Mint were out of town for Oats’ illicit, almond milk-infused ‘kegger,’ but Peaches met up with them for an afternoon convo-over-coffee and filled them in on all the gossip.


You probably didn’t notice, or perhaps were really happy about it, but I was so excited about my Weird Food Movement yesterday that I forgot to give you the #6 Hanson song-of-all-time [Although, this would have fit in perfectly with the “weird” post, as what is more bizarre than celebrating the upcoming new release of a pop-rock family band who had one-to-three minor hits in the late 90s and whom everyone forgot existed?]

Because of my forgetfulness, I have decided that, in the same manner that Wayside School has no 19th floor, my list has no #6 song. [You could also say it DNE (does not exist), like when you tried to find the cosine of zero in Trig….maybe. I don’t really remember. I teach 5th grade.]

…but every soiree needs a soundtrack, so I present to you the #5 Hanson song of all time according to me, the Granola Goddess/Crudite Queen:

#5-“Been There Before” from The Walk, an album in which the band of brothers takes a journey to Africa, discover the soul music deep inside them, and become fans of children’s choirs.

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Maren June 4, 2010 at 1:29 pm

This post is loads of laughter! I love it!


loreejo June 4, 2010 at 8:13 pm

LUV ur blog! keep it goin'!


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