Assorted Accomplishments

by Sarah on June 20, 2010

Phew, y’all, I am exhausted. For the past two nights, neither Caroline nor I have been able to stay awake past 10:30/11:00, which I guess is not all that early, especially for someone like me, who tends to keep “Franklin” hours (early to bed, early to rise), but still, I feel like we should be out, being young and having fun…although both of us are perfectly content with home-cooked dinners and movie nights. :)

So, what have we been doing?

We’ve been doing a little touring…
…and loving being a new Texan. :)
I made it to an HEB!

(Thanks for the suggestion of visiting the Far West/Mopac store…it was great!)

I was also super psyched to find some fun treasures there…
Frozen Guava? Be still my heart.
Umm…the best chips ever? Yes, probably. Considering I have been dreaming about them since I first had them when I was here back in March, although I failed to blog about them at that point, I’d say they are pretty awesome. (Also, they produce amazing chiplets, which I told Caroline she was prohibited from eating.)
Queso cottage! Love it. I needed to find a replacement for my favorite (and oh so classy) Kroger brand cottage cheese (hey, I never made claims of being wholly organic…store band generic is just fine by me…), and I think this might be it!

We also attended a four-year-old’s birthday party….

(I provided the princess crown, clearly.)
…where we discovered a new type of violence-free pinata involving pulling random strings until the candy falls out.
I say, bring back the bat! Half the fun of the pinata is dodging death-by-errant-bat-swinging…but I guess for four-year-olds, pulling string is more appropriate.

This morning, Caroline and I moved a very tall and heavy bookshelf from my exiting roommate’s room into mine…and then I unpacked my cookbooks! (These are the ones I selected to bring with me from the gazillion more I have, currently residing in Pennsylvania.)
(The yellow binder is my “party planning” binder, where I put entertaining ideas, mostly appetizer-y food and drink ideas. The green binder is “Kitchen Inspiration” which has magazine recipes organized into categories like soup, salad, desserts, etc. The white binder are my “tried and true” family recipes or favorites from magazines/internet searches. Not pictured is the huge green file bin with all of the other magazine recipes categorized by month of publication that I created in my moving-motivated magazine purge.)

I have some new additions to the collection, saved from being sent to Goodwill as the exiting roomie moves out, including this, very appropriate, newbie:

Speaking of Goodwill, we made a spontaneous visit…

(Yes, even in the Goodwills are superhip in Austin.)

…and Caroline made the best discovery of the day:

(Not a guitar. A grill basket/pan for veggies!)

I also procured some fun plates, Corningware, and a Crate & Barrel serving platter!

Other assorted accomplishments include…

I found a heart in my $1.49 watermelon! (And we have since eaten almost the whole thing…)
I unpacked my cherry pitter and pitted some cherries…yum :)
I also unpacked one of my favorite friends:
(As you know, I cannot live without my food processor. For those of you who have been wondering which one I recommend, I absolutely love my Cuisinart “basic” model. It is high-end enough to make nut butter, but not prohibitively expensive and very easy to clean. When my mom gave me this, I had no idea how much I would come to use/adore/rely on it, but seriously, invest, invest, invest!)

I also made quite a dent in my “purchased super cheaply due to freezer malfunction” plain and pomegranate-blueberry frozen yogurts. (I’m in so much trouble now, as I am obviously going to want to keep buying these…)
I discovered the BEST SALSA VERDE EVER in my fridge…
..and used it on a cottage cheese bowl that I added those yummy adzuki bean chips (review above images) to, in a delicious reinterpretation of my fave cereal-fruit-yogurt bowls (chips-veg-cottage cheese…shall we call it CVCC?):
I made Caroline another yummy meal based entirely on the fact that she was absolutely dying for a sweet potato. Sweet potato chunks it was! (And they were incredible…teeny bit of olive oil, with cinnamon, cumin, pepper, garlic, and crushed red pepper…roasted for 30-40 minutes at 425 degrees.)
Last, but certainly not least…I attacked a pineapple.
He totally deserved what he got. (More on that later.)

OK, off to enjoy Caroline’s last day in Austin!

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