Shakespeare at the Shore

by Sarah on May 31, 2010 · 3 comments

The Pember Family Celebrates (the Sunday Before) Memorial Day in OCNJ
A Play in However Many Acts It Takes to Get Through the Pictures


Ann: “It is time.”
Caroline: “For what?”
Ann: “Drinking.”
Stephen: “That is why we’re married.”

Act One

In Which We Answer The Question: How Many Pembers Does It Take To Open a Veggie Tray?

Act Two:
In Which Our Protagonists Feast On Appetizers

Act Three
In Which All Are Happy and Conversing
Paula: “I do go camping. Sometimes I stay at the Hampton instead of the Hilton.”

Me: “I don’t have a cat, a dog, or even a goldfish! The only thing I have to keep alive is a basil plant I am growing in a yogurt container. Clearly, now is the time to take a risk.”

Act Four, Scene I
In Which The Protagonists Dine on Burgers ‘n Brats
Act Four, Scene II
In Which We Eat Dessert
Act Four, Scene Two, Verse 10
The Moment In Which We Realize Things Are About to Fall Apart

Stephen: “We never had anything like that happen at Trinity.”
Dad: “That’s true.”
Stephen: “Trinity was awesome.”
Dad: “Well except for when that kid died the first day of school.”

Act Five
In Which, as In Shakespeare, Things Get Really Weird, and then Come Back Together

Act VI
In Which We Deviate From Shakespeare by Deciding To Have an Act VI, and We Learn How Much Stephen Hates Word Games

Stephen: “I hate this game.”
Ann: “Well I didn’t know that until tonight.”
Stephen: “I tell you that every day.”
[Silence. Then laughter.]


“I just laughed wine into my eye.”–Ann


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