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by Sarah on April 27, 2010 · 2 comments

So, this morning I woke up ONE WHOLE HOUR before my alarm was supposed to go off. Never having been a good one for “rolling over and going back to sleep,” I gave in and got up, thinking, “Oh, now I can get so much done before school.”

Ha. When does THAT plan ever work?

I must admit I got up slightly on the wrong side of the bed.

(Let’s take a moment to ponder that statement. First of all, is getting out of bed on the wrong side really a bad thing in the first place? Sometimes I think it’s sort of fun and adds a little spice to the day, especially when you are the only one sleeping in your bed and you turn it into a little army-op game of “Can I roll around and out of my covers without messing up the tucked in side?” which, yes, is something I think about as I rush to turn off the alarm in the morning…which is, conveniently, on the “wrong” side of the bed. The second thing about my previous statement that amuses me is the idea of getting out of bed only “slightly” on the wrong side…does this mean crawling off the end? I’ve done that too. I think really the only true wrong way to get out of bed “on the wrong side” would be to climb off the top end, where your pillows are. Of course, in most instances you’d end up hitting the wall, which, if I remember my idiomatic expressions correctly, is also a bad thing.)

Things troubling my mind (and stomach) this morning:

1. I had not finished creating a math test for the kids this morning.
2. After being told I had too much food in the fridge, I went into a strange knee-jerk reaction (and perhaps slightly passive aggressive) eating frenzy and ate the most random dinner involving the last of my Wild Rice Salad, Romaine lettuce and cherry tomatoes, crumbled up Masala Meatless Muffin Loaves (in both of their incarnations), WAY too much pineapple and cantaloupe, and a lot a lot of my homemade Nutty Butter. [Still need to blog about that by the way. A-MA-ZING.]
3. Stomach was troubled due to aforementioned random eating spree. Mind was troubled because I wondered how I would be able to continue cooking and blogging without purchasing produce.
4. I had made overnight oats for breakfast, but now my stomach was uncertain about them.
5. After finally downloading the soundtrack from the Madonna-themed Glee, my IPod was not connecting to my ITunes and I could not get them to sync, meaning my hopes and dreams of listening to these songs while driving to school and/or working out today were dashed.
6. See the first sentence of this post.

Well, I grumbled a bit to myself and got ready as usual. I somehow managed to waste all of the “extra” time I had “earned” by waking up (involuntarily) early and was even late leaving my house. But somewhere along the drive to work, I thought to myself, “Self, you know a few things for sure in life, and one of them is that you control your mood.” (Even more importantly I knew that I had to at least pretend to be having a good day, or else the kids would immediately adopt my attitude and the whole day would be miserable for everyone.)

To paraphrase the old song, “I kept on the sunny side.”

I got to school, finished the tests, ate my overnight oats, which turned out to be JUST what the tummy needed** (perhaps it was the potassium from the banana and the soothing yogurt?), realized that since I privately tutor this afternoon I had to go home first before the gym and could work on the Glee-tunes problem then…and as far as the whole “full fridge” situation, I looked at it as a motive to kick-start the “clean out the pantry and freezer” game I really need to start playing in order to prep for moving. (My recipe development and testing might suffer, but perhaps my creativity will soar?)

** I should also mention that eating overnight oats at school is REALLY fun on a bad day, because the expressions on other teachers’ and the kids’ faces as they clearly want to ask you what the heck you are eating but are too polite to do so provides endless internal amusement.


The overnight oats plan started with this extra homemade Nutty Butter creation (I really need to blog about this…) that had not fit into my other jar.

I added some plain yogurt, oats (obviously), and finally opened this Trader Joe’s Whole Grain Drink which has amaranth, brown rice, millet, and quinoa in its composition…and tastes like soy milk to me! (Very low cal, like almond milk, although lacking in protein, as opposed to soy milk or “real” milk…should I say cow’s milk?)

Mr. Banana was ready to go in the morning!

Come the A.M., I added some pumpkin pie spice (I figured, why not?), and half of the banana…

…why only half of a banana? Because there was half of an apple that wanted to come play this morning, too! (Although he is still in the middle of learning how to swim and wasn’t quite ready to jump on in….)


Lunch is also a result of the “clear space in the fridge” dilemma. I took the leftovers from my Asian Market adventure dinner, and turned them into salad…and yes, I am using the container the 50/50 salad blend (spring greens and spinach) came in.

That would be said salad blend, chopped red cabbage, yellow bell pepper, along with the remaining long beans and roasted eggplant. I topped it off with a portion of cubed Soy-and-Sesame Seed Baked Tofu, as well as some red pepper flakes! (My mouth will be burning I’m sure…)

No, I will not pass the Grey Poupon…but you can have some of the leftover Hoisin Vinaigrette!

For a little extra fun…cute little mandarins [which also fits the Chinese theme…heeheehee ;)]

In a last minute decision this morning, I threw in a frozen Nature’s Own sandwich round…with the plan to throw it in the Teacher’s Lounge toaster should I want it at lunch (or snack) time.

I don’t know how to toast a meal in Mandarin, but I would if I could.

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Ms Pember April 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm

Mmmm I can't wait to hear about the nut butter, I love cashew and almond butter myself!

Also, I just had to share: first of all, I read your blog everyday. Second, you actually inspired me to BAKE something this weekend, which I NEVER do! I was home alone all weekend and had some old bananas, so I made banana bread from scratch, and it actually turned out well.

I am still at the cooking for dummies level, so some quick, easy recipes would be much appreciated :-) Thanks for the inspiration!


Sophia April 27, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Hey love! Thanks for the upbeat post. I was having a pretty mediocre day, and reading this reminded me that we DO have control over our own moods. (: Love reading this, and I hope you're doing well!


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