Identity Crisis

by Sarah on April 28, 2010 · 4 comments

I’m thinking about getting my own domain name for the blog…getting “rid” of the blogspot and having just a .com.

The problem, however, is that any version of The Smart Kitchen I can come up with has been taken by either 1) a random cooking-school-at-home company; 2) a chef in Scottsdale, AZ; or 3) something in German I can’t understand.

I am debating about just keeping the blogspot (I mean, does it really matter?), or changing the url to,,, or

Don’t know if anyone out there would care to comment….


My brother thinks I should change my entire blog name, but I tried to explain that that defeats the whole Howard Gardner/Multiple Intelligence Theory/Culinary Intelligence theme upon which I crafted the blog in the first place.

My friend Erin just said “Life is good,” to which I agreed, and THEN realized the meant lifeinthesmartkitchen. :)


In another moment of existential and identity crisis, I just want to throw out there that I realize when I originally started the blog, I did so without intentions of just showing you what I ate every day…however, as time has gone on, I seem to do more and more of that. I think what inadvertently happened was that as I focused more on creating fun and interesting recipes and trying out new foods/ideas to share with you, I became so much more focused on creating special meals for myself that I wasn’t blogging about…and then I wanted to show them off. This whole experience really makes you think about putting together meals in a different way, and I think that’s really cool.

Also, when I started the blog I was “(f)unemployed” and had a lot more time to cook and blog…now, I have a job, and, unfortunately I do have to sometimes use my planning time at school to, you know, plan…or my lunch break is actually a five-minute “scarf-it-down” situation because lunch was the only time this or that teacher or administrator could catch up with me to discuss whatever they need to discuss…[In fact, I’m actually writing some of this the night before planning to post, as I know we have a mini-field trip and I will need to put in grades in the grade book during my morning work time…]

I’m still always thinking about food creations, still obsessed with all things culinary and nutritionally-slanted…that will never change. [Case in point: my “Intro to the Ocean” lesson in science lesson yesterday ended up in a mini-soapbox about sustainable fishing, mercury levels, and the supposed health and environmental benefits of eating sardines…this, of course, resulted in my students daring me to eat sardines, which I will certainly let you know about when it happens!]

So, I will be pleasing some of you in my need to be a little less complicated (a little more action please…), as I’ve been getting requests for more “simple meals”….it’s like in Food Network Magazine, where they separate “Weeknight Cooking” from “Weekend Cooking,” which is probably more realistic anyway….and isn’t being realistic one of the goals of The Smart Kitchen in the first place?


OK. Enough of that. Give me feedback about the URL thing. Look below if you want to see pictures of my breakfast and lunch.

Otherwise, I’ll catch you on the flipside. (Sometimes I say that to my students…and they look at me like I’m a crazy person. But they look at me like a crazy person a lot. So I don’t let it get to me.)


After such delicious success with overnight oats-in-a-jar yesterday…I was craving them again (actually, I was craving them while on the elliptical in the evening, but, unfortunately the nature of overnight oats is that you have to make them, well, overnight…). This mix was oats, flax, wheat bran (which added SUCH a nice little flavor background…really made an awesome improvement), yogurt, and the Trader Joe’s whole grain drink, as well as a chopped up dried fig (the secret to their success I think…I had chopped it and mixed it in for the overnight ‘setting’ and it added a subtle sweetness). Then I topped it with the rest of my banana from yesterday and a dollop of Nutty Butter. I may have found my new food fixation :)

There is no particular reason why I chose to make these in a jar again, other than it’s easy to transport and fun to eat that way (and whatever brings a little joy into daily life is alright with me). As a side note, and although you can’t see it, this is an empty jar of my favorite commercial peanut butter, Naturally More, which I have only ever been able to find at Super Walmart (and now that there are all those gender discrimination suits going on with ‘Wally World’ I’m not sure I can endorse you shopping there…)

I would also like to mention that after the Folger‘s Vanilla Biscotti coffee suddenly started tasting as though it were spiked (I think this must come from some amaretto flavoring or something), I switched the Gevalia Vanilla Nut that I had received in the mail. I never thought I could tell the difference in premium coffee…but I can.

Lunch will be a delicious salad of Romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, red and yellow bell pepper, celery, crumbled Masala Meatless Muffin Loaves (Is it weird I think they taste better cold? I guess it goes back to the “loving cold mac & cheese and spaghetti” thing…), baba ganoush, pomegranate hummus-from-a-can, with a nice dose of black pepper. Oh, and I put fresh basil in there also.

Popped some air pop popcorn last night…put some seasoning salt and lots of black pepper on it. Such a fun treat at school!

(I could pop microwaveable popcorn in my room, but air pop is healthier, and you can make it how you want it….it also tastes just fine the day after I think…also, if you use microwaveable at school, then you have to deal with the popcorn smell and the possibility of burning it which is a curse to the entire school wing if you let that happen. Trust me, teachers who burn their popcorn are looked at with a slightly evil eye for the entire day…)

Also brought some fruit and a Z Bar

…but probably won’t need it as there is a faculty meeting this afternoon, and, based on last weeks yummy and healthy choices (nice surprise), I hope to find something fun to nibble on there….

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Cara April 28, 2010 at 8:44 am

I would go with the life one, or the ones with hyphens. Like them both.


Ms Pember April 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm

I like life in the smart kitchen too!


spember April 28, 2010 at 8:16 pm

FYI – The german page says "Here rises a new internet presence". Or, coming soon.


Liz April 29, 2010 at 10:52 am

Sarah, I didn't read EVERYTHING you wrote about changing the name, but I vote for leaving it as is.. or maybe lifeinthesmartkitchen. No hyphens please. They make typing the address cumbersome…yes, cumbersome.


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