(Almost) Meat-Free: The Way To Be

by Sarah on April 26, 2010

Today is my last official day of my week as a ‘veg,’ and you might be wondering about my thoughts for continuing as a meat-free member of society.

Well, I didn’t feel all that different from going vegetarian, although I did love the new foods I tried and developed a (possibly irrational) obsession with Moosewood Restaurant’s recipes. But I think the reason I didn’t notice any difference in my energy or general sense of overall health, nor did I spend too much time making conscious efforts to “be” vegetarian is because….well….I already practically WAS a vegetarian. I think the official word is “flexitarian,” but, I mean, it wasn’t like I was eating 4 lbs. of sirloin every night, and, although I did have that moment of chicken overload of a few weeks ago, you will notice that I do tend to develop fixations on a variety of foods that ebb and flow as I sort of naturally respond to what my body is craving and needing. [You can catch me almost every night recently with my spoon in a jar of nut butter.]

I guess for me that’s the healthiest way to go then…at least for now. (Besides, I have some meat in my freezer that I am NOT going to waste…so until that’s gone, there will be no official vegetarians in The Smart Kitchen.)

I read Mark Bittman’s new Cooking Light article over the weekend, and he talks about eating an “almost meatless” diet, and that is what I will subscribe to….at least for now.


Breakfast today was yummy…sometimes you just need a nice mix of cold boxed cereal. :)

With some yogurt of course…

…and a pear!

Lunch was incredible…and inspired by this salad I had over the weekend:

So amazing, I recreated it, with a baby greens blend (including ARUGULA!), red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, carrots, and a scoop of pomegranate hummus, baba ghanoush, and cottage cheese, seasoned with black pepper and oregano. [The salad over the weekend had broccoli, too.]

Also, some Flat Out crackers…made last night in the oven.

…and for dessert, minted pineapple! (I cannot even tell you how delicious this is…)

I kind of want to eat this lunch every day. [Please see my discussion of food fixations above.]

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